How to Turn on a laptop without Power Button

Did the power button on your laptop just break down? Or is it not working for some whole other reason? Are you wondering how to turn on a laptop without power button? Well, fortunately, there are plenty of ways to turn that sweet little laptop of yours on.

Now it’s not just the laptops most of the electronic devices act up every once in a while, especially when it’s been too long since you have done any of the repairs or maintenance work on that. But luckily there is always a workaround for most of the problems with these devices and the same goes for the laptops, the power button is frequently used, so it makes sense that it acts up after a while and stops working all of sudden, leaving you helpless and wondering “what now?”

Although there are plenty of ways to work around that before we dive into any of these, we need to know exactly what’s causing the laptop to not boot up correctly or at all.

Figure out the Problem

Now trust me on this when I say that numerous times people often confuse the boot-up issue with the laptop with the power button when actually it has nothing to do with it. And now you might be wondering what else it could be.

Well, there are a variety of issues that maybe be causing your laptop to not boot up such as battery problems or corrupted hardware which feels exactly like your power button acting up. So, before you actually decide to just take your laptop apart, it’d be better if you first tried connecting it to a power source and try turning it own using the power button once again, so if it’s your battery the laptop should power up just fine using the external power source for now.

And you’ll most probably need to just replace the battery on your laptop. But that’s not always the case, it could be one of the hardware components are not working correctly and in that case, it would be pretty hard to figure out which one the part is not working, so instead we will just assume (and wish) that it’s only the power button that’s acting up and not one of the PC components.

And so, we will go through all the different ways to turn on your laptop without a power button:

3 Ways to turn on a laptop without a power button

Now before we start, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to go about this but we are going to be looking at the top 3 easy ways to turn on a laptop without the power button. Also, these techniques work on all kinds of laptops mostly, so no matter what device you have, you can still check these out.

1 – Boot up Laptop Using the Motherboard

Now one of the most easiest and common ways to boot up the laptop or a desktop is through the motherboard. Now in order for you to do that, you will have to follow these few simple and easy to follow steps:

  • Take apart your laptop back case to get access to the motherboard, this is different for different types of laptops. So, you can search for how to open up your laptop’s casing but make sure that the laptop isn’t connected to a power source.
  • Now once you have accessed your motherboard, you will have to find the power button’s location on it, it mostly says pwr or power on it.
  • Disconnect the power button’s connection to the motherboard carefully.
  • Now you will see some pins, look for the ones saying power or pwr and connect the two pins using a screwdriver or something that conducts electricity.
  • As soon as you connect the pins, your laptop will turn on and you can use it now.

That’s one of the ways to go about starting your laptop but for those who don’t want to open up their laptop for some reason or maybe they can’t get it to open up, we will move on to some other ways.

2 – Using the External Keyboard

Now, this might sound easy and it really is, as all you need to do is connect an external keyboard with your laptop and hit the power button on it and hopefully your laptop will turn right on. But this method isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, because, for most laptops, you will have to configure this using the bios power settings.

And you will have to do this beforehand by going to your BIOS settings and the power settings or power management and then probably enabling the “power with keyboard” something like that. So, you better do this before getting yourself into the whole power button mess, just in case you require a backup plan.

3 – Boot up with Lid

Now, this method is exactly like the one we just went through up there but instead of using the external keyboard, we will be using the laptop’s lid to power it up. Sounds confusing right? Well, you actually can power up your laptop using the lid and for that, you will have to first set it up using the BIOS setting or you can also find this inside your control panel.

You can set the power on/off event when you up/close your laptop’s lid. Now, instead of the laptop going to sleep, it will just turn on/off with the lid which can come in handy in situations like these.


Getting yourself into this situation is pretty normal as with time these electronic devices tend to get into different problems and losing the power button is one of them. But as we have discussed, there are a lot of ways to work around this problem and get your laptop started without the power button.

I hope these quick little fixes can help you power on your laptop without any hassle.