Unplug the Tap: How to Turn Off Touchscreen or Touchpad on Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook’s touchpad getting a little too touchy? Or maybe the touchscreen is playing games when you just want it to chill. Fear not, fellow Chromebook user! We’re about to unlock the secret passage to serenity by turning off that touchpad or touchscreen with some nifty keyboard moves.

Step 1: Open Sesame – Chrome Flags Menu

  1. Launch Google Chrome:
    Fire up that trusty Google Chrome on your Chromebook. It’s like opening the door to a world of possibilities.
  2. Type or Paste the Magic Code:
    In the address bar, type or copy-paste this enchanting command: “chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts”. Hit enter like you’re casting a spell.

Step 2: Toggle the Switch – Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Welcome to the Chrome Flags Menu:
    Behold! The Chrome flags menu opens like the gates to a mystical realm. Look for the spotlight, and you’ll find a drop-down menu labeled “Debugging keyboard shortcuts.”
  2. Flip the Switch:
    Click on the drop-down menu and transform Disabled into Enabled. It’s like upgrading your Chromebook to wizard status.
  3. Restart the Magic Machine:
    As soon as you hit Enabled, a button will emerge at the bottom, saying Restart. Click it, and let the Chromebook dance the reboot tango.

Step 3: The Keyboard Concoction – Enabling/Disabling

  1. The Grand Reveal:
    Once your Chromebook is back from its brief nap, it’s time for the grand reveal. You now have the power to control your touchscreen and touchpad with keyboard sorcery.
  2. Touchscreen On/Off Spell:
    To toggle the touchscreen, perform the mystical dance of keys: Shift + Search + T. Picture it like a magic trick, but for your Chromebook.
  3. Touchpad Toggle Tango:
    Want to dance with the touchpad? It’s the Shift + Search + P waltz. Elegant, efficient, and, most importantly, it puts the touchpad in its place.

There you have it, the ancient secrets revealed to you. Your Chromebook is now under your command, and the touchpad and touchscreen shall obey your every keystroke. Dive into the enchanted world of Chrome flags and let the keyboard wizardry begin!