How to Convert a Normal Laptop into Gaming Laptop?

Laptops are pretty much used for everything related to work, entertainment, gaming and so much more. And almost all of us have some sort of laptop lying around in our house even if we don’t really use it, but as youngsters, one of the main reasons why we want to own a laptop is to play games non-stop!

But the problem is many of us can’t actually afford to buy a gaming laptop to play heavy games as the normal laptops can’t actually run those at a steady framerate. For someone who doesn’t want to run heavy games like GTA 5, RDR 2, and other titles around this line, your normal laptop will work just fine in running those games smoothly at a steady framerate but if you are someone like me, who wants to push the limit of your laptop to play heavy games then you’d probably have to save up some cash and buy another one.

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But considering that’s not an option here, we can actually make some adjustments on our normal laptops to turn it into a gaming laptop, or at least somewhat closer to a gaming laptop that can run some heavy games. So here are some tips and tricks that you can use to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

1 – Make Some Hardware Upgrades

One of the most important things that you can do for your laptop is to make some changes to its hardware. Normally the laptops come with HDD, keeping in mind that we are going to store a significant amount of data onto the device but the HDD is way slower in transferring the data to the RAM so that it can get processed. So, in order to give your laptop a quick boost, you can replace your HDD with an SSD or Solid State Drive, which is way faster than the HDD, and this way your laptop will gain a significant amount of performance upgrade.

And now thanks to your SSD, you will be able to boot up your games faster than ever, it will also cut short the loading time between scene changes, missions, cut-scenes, making your game extremely smooth. While this is one of the best things that you could do to enhance your laptop’s performance and make it more gaming laptop-like, it will be costly but considering the price of a gaming laptop, it’s a profitable tradeoff.

2 – Clean it UP

While this is trivial, many of us tend to not clean up our laptop often and with time our laptop gets all cluttered up with random programs and files eating up all the space in the background, which in turn makes it run slower and often lag when we try to perform some heavy work such as gaming.

So, the best and easiest way to boost up your laptop’s performance is to keep it clean and the best thing is, you don’t even have to do it yourself, there are a ton of cleaners that you can use to clean up all the unnecessary data that’s been holding your laptop to gain its true power.

3 – Boost Performance

There is no magic button for this but there are a few things that you can do to boost your laptop’s performance. And the first thing you can do is to set the battery performance mode to “high performance” or “Fast performance” instead of keeping it at battery saving mode.

What this will do is instead of capping your laptop’s performance to save up power it will give power so that you can easily perform heavy tasks such as gaming with ease.

Another thing you can do here is, make sure that your laptop is also plugged into a power source as the power it gets from the battery is not enough, this will further boost your laptop’s performance by giving it more power!

4 – Keep the essentials up to date

The next thing in line to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop is to keep your essentials up to date and what I mean by essentials here is the laptop’s operating system and the drivers, because old and outdated drivers might be one of the many reasons your laptop is holding back from reaching its true potential.

Upgrading this software and drivers will ensure that your system is ready to handle all the modern games that you want to play on your laptop. You can check if the drivers are updated or not by opening up the control panel and searching for drivers, you will find a list of all the drivers, make sure to update the ones that can be updated.

5 – Play Around with Game Settings

In the end, after you have followed all the instructions, the last thing you can do is play around with the graphics settings of your game. There are a lot of settings that you can tweak around without completely losing the graphics quality of your game, you can disable V-Sync in the settings if it’s enabled, if there are particles like blood and hit effects you can disable them as well, you can turn down the quality a notch to get consistent framerate and so much more.

This will probably boost up your gaming performance and it will help you get a more consistent framerate and fewer stutters through the game.

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Alright, so these are some of the tips and tricks that you can try to boost the gaming performance on your ordinary laptop to turn it into a gaming laptop. Of course, the best way would be to make some necessary upgrades to your laptop if you have saved some money but if that’s not the case, you can just follow along with these tips to make your ordinary laptop into a gaming laptop!